Arizona Wrongful Death Attorneys

Occasionally, we are left without a loved one due to the carelessness or negligence of another party. This may occur in various ways (this list contains a very small few):



Understanding The Wrongful Death Statute

Arizona has a wrongful death statute, A.R.S. §12-612 which permits a wrongful death claim to be brought “on behalf of the surviving husband or wife, children or parents, or if none of these survive, on behalf of the decedent’s estate.” Wrongful death damages seek to capture losses resulting from the death of a family member. Damages can include medical bills and funeral costs, an amount equal to what the deceased family member would have earned in salary if he or she had lived (and their retirement benefits), what the deceased family member would have emotionally provided to a relationship (referred to as loss of companionship or loss of consortium), and the mental pain and suffering resulting from the family member’s death. In some instances, it is appropriate to seek punitive damages as well. If the claim is being maintained by the estate, it is often the case that some of theses damages will not be available.

Generally, in calculating the value of the damages, it is essential to enlist the assistance of economic experts that will project lost earnings, retirement and other financial considerations.

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