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April 2022

After months of trying to deal with our insurance company regarding a claim, Adam was able to help us get it resolved quickly and professionally. If it weren’t for his help, we would have been responsible for about $20,000 worth of repairs. So thankful for his help!

– C. Tyler

January 2022

My wife and I went to Adam after our car accident on Christmas Eve, and being busy people we entrusted our case with Adam and his staff and we couldn’t have made a better decision. Even after the super pushy insurance and all the annoyances that come with insurance, Adam and his team took care of ALL of it. And i mean, ALL OF IF. I would recommend him to anyone. We felt cared for and that we were in good hands.

– C. Taylor

November 28, 2012

I have worked with Adam Barlow on two separate occasions. Both times Adam was extremely kind, considerate, prompt with both answers and help, knowledgeable, and very professional. The first time I needed a lawyer, I hesitated and tried to struggle through on my own because I had heard so many negative things about lawyers. I waited until I was completely stressed and desperate for legal help dealing with an insurance company. Adam instantly was able to remove much of the legal stress from my life as he dealt with the insurance company and brought about a resolution that far exceeded my expectations.

I honestly believe that Adam is the type of lawyer that tries to help people, and not like the lawyers that give the legal profession a bad name. Due to my experiences working with Adam, I highly recommend him for all honest people that need legal help.


Audrea C.

October 10, 2012

My wife was involved in an automobile accident nearly two years ago that ended up requiring her to have surgery in an attempt to repair her spine. With this life changing medical procedure taking it’s toll on her we searched for a law firm that would help alleviate the financial and emotional toll that it was taking on her. With a few recommendations we selected a law firm that we felt could help. We learned quickly that there were a lot of things promised that would never be fulfilled. To make a long story short our case never progressed to the point of even a demand letter to the insurance. Promises were made and after months of haggling with the firm we cut ties with them, which basically left us in the same position as before we hired them.

Finally we contacted Adam Barlow Law, P.C. After explaining our plight to Mr. Barlow, he said that he would take a look at our and see if he could help. In a matter of days he had compiled a file that our previous firm had failed to do in months. He promptly let us know what our options were and recommendations that could help us. From that point on we felt extremely impressed and turned over the reigns to him and his firm.

Mr. Barlow would contact us frequently to let us know of any developments in the case. We always felt involved and appreciated how much time and effort he was dedicating to the case which we felt was severely lacking with the previous firm. We felt like a number with them but with Mr. Barlow we always felt like his number one priority. With an idea of what our insurance coverages were, we had hoped to be compensated a certain amount. We were completely surprised when Adam let us know that we should expect more, Mr. Barlow was able to uncover more insurance money that we had no idea we were entitled to.

The results of Mr. Barlow’s hard work have been a blessing to us as my wife received a settlement that superseded our expectations. Never once did we feel that we were out of the loop, we appreciated his firm’s communication and rapport they built with us. While many people feel they cannot trust attorneys we are fortunate to feel the opposite, we have found an advocate that we trust. With his moral compass set high we have no doubt that Mr. Barlow will represent future clients with the same respect and care that he awarded us.


Jason & Angela H.

July 19, 2012

Adam Barlow Is a wonderful attorney, and a great man. He represented me and my interests very well. He has integrity in everything that he does. I completely and whole-heartedly recommend his law services to anyone in need of an attorney requiring his expertise. I have already referred several friends in need of his services, to him.


Chal H.

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